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    Re: My Rorty R82s
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    If you build an R16 you get excellent plans and support from Rorty. If you contact Kludge I'm quite sure that you could get hooked up with a complete set of laser cut components for a very competitive price.

    I agree with Fabr. I think you could build it for as little as 8k by economizing and scrounging. As much as you want to go over the top.
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    Re: My Rorty R82s
    If I remember right , he had receipts for around $18K. He also had some unfortunate luck with the first motor and turbo setup so that could be reduced a few thousand. He put alot of high quality(expensive) parts in it.
    I think it could be done in the 8-10 range and still have a good ride. A lot of the expense is in the motor and the drive train. Try and spend a lot of time on fleabay and you can get some good deals. If you dont need reverse you can save quite a bit. I know when I am out on the smaller tighter trails, reverse is a god send.
    Start reading the post's on this site and you will gain a ton of info. The guys on this site are incredible wealths of knowledge.
    Kinda miss reading his post's.
    Wish it was not so cold and snowy here or I would be out rippin around in it .
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