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    Rorty R6 plans wanted!
    Any one looking to sell their Rorty R6 Plans please PM me.

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    That seems to be a rare set of plans here in the states. Looks like the most capable of the smaller buggies though.
    Currently on a two year walkabout
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    Yes, they seem to be hard to find. I was on his site yesterday and I see that he has a serial number for each plan set. You are only supposed to build one buggy per plan set. Plans are not supposed to be resold for someone else to build one. Which is understandable. But, for the record, I just want a set more for studying as I have my own ideas for a buggy. I want something more along the lines of I would also be interested in other plans that people may want to get rid of.
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    Also, I don't want to affend anybody and I apologize to Rorty as I didn't know his policy when I posted. Here's a short clip of what I would like to build. Something in a buggy that supermoto or motard whatever you want to call it, is in bikes. A buggy that you can use for autocross, rally or ???? I would like to see closed course racing such as the special stages that they have in world rally but for a buggy such as the one in the following video. Some pavement, some dirt, and a few smaller jumps. Run it either timed like in autocross or head to head. Just some ideas I'm throwing around.
    Now you can't tell me that doesn't look like a whole lot of fun!!! :-)
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    My R6 plans are not for sale but here is a link to my R6 build yahoo group.I havent updated it in a while though.
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    While it's nice to see an interest in my buggy designs, I would take a very dim view (and possibly legal action :cry: ) if my designs were copied.

    I spend a huge number of hours researching bearings, parts, materials etc. for the buggy Manuals, not to mention the time spent modelling the buggies in CAD.
    None of you would like to be mugged on the way home from work and have your pay cheque stolen and similarly, I don't like having my income ripped off.

    I always try to be as helpful as possible, answering emails covering all sorts of queries as many of my customers and prospective customers will attest to.

    Purchase the R6 Manual and I'll always help in any way I can.

    Thanks, Bob.
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    I support Rorty's view 100%. However, would you be adverse to someone selling their original plans, not a copy? Kind of hard to police I know. Anyone selling plans on this site will be forwarded to the plans vender for authorization first.

    Currently on a two year walkabout
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