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    Hello all. Just found this forum. Im actually suprised that there is RR info and owners. Does anybody know production numbers on these machines? Ive owned mine since 2014 and have never seen another one in person.
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    Re: Numbers
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    Howdy, welcome to MBN.

    Dont think there’s been much action on part of the forum.

    Have you read any of the threads?
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    Re: Numbers
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    I saw a Ridge Runner for sale just up the street from my house. Boy, was I tempted to go check it out and maybe buy it, but I'm under a mandate to get rid of some of my toys because I'm out of space. Adding a Ridge Runner to the collection wouldn't go over very well.

    I still want it, though.

    I don't think they sold a ton of them. They were just in front of the SxS craze that started a few years ago. They say timing is everything and I think they missed it by . . . that much.
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