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    Re: enough power???
    Hey Dave,
    I think we spoke on the phone about all this. Glad you found the site. There's a lot of good info floating around. As for RR vs and of the other mass produced SxS's, it'll pretty much whoop them, but then again, it cost twice as much. For the price of a new RR, you could build a pretty mean SxS. Not too sure on the procing of used ones. In some ways I really miss our RR. It was lightly modded and was easily good for 70+ mph. I could make hills and such that my modded Rhino can barely get halfway up. Momentum and suspension go a long way. RR's do have a few issues, as does anything else, but nothing a little creativity can't fix.

    Have fun with your new RR. Run the OEM belts. Leave the belt cover off.
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    Re: enough power???
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    I would also suggest checking the belt alignment. If its going thru belts that fast its likely not aligned right or loose somewhere allowing misalignment.

    If the belts not on proper alignment not only will it take out the belts on you but its sapping power that could go to the wheels.
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    Re: enough power???
    You are 100% correct on that, which I forgot to mention. I bought an alignment tool online so I could keep tabs on mine. Never really had an issue with it though. When I was shredding belt early on, it was primarily due to over heating. We were doing a lot of technical trails mixed with high speed sections, so we were running in High most of the time, even through the slow stuff. BAD for the belt....
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