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    Black Turbo Revolt For Sale
    Turbo Revolt For Sale This is Car #1 and the only All Black Revolt ever built

    25 hrs on New motor and New turbo
    Heel stops
    Oil reservoirs for trans and motor
    Riged ind light combo flood and spot
    Wired for whip light and switch
    Auto meter water temp gage
    Auto meter oil pressure gage
    Auto meter boost gage
    Auto meter tachometer gage
    New bead locks with new tires

    and Free shipping to the lower 48
    Or 30k for all 3 plus shipping See my other listings
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    2011 F250 Crew cab 4x4 6.7 600 hp to the wheels
    2008 SCU Mid Bro LS3 CBM 415 Stroker 650hp
    2009 Mosebilt Revo/la Rana LS6 CBM 525hp
    2 Redline Turbo Revolts 130 hp
    5 great kids
    1 Perfect Wife !!!
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