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    RPM sub frame/cradle and a GSXR1300
    for those of you who have done, it did you use the removable mount and modify it ? if you did modify it, did you use the upper mount and fabricate for the lower mount or just start from scratch?

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    Re: RPM sub frame/cradle and a GSXR1300
    I am using a protodie rear cradle/sub frame and drive train assembly .......I had to cut out engine mounts to weld to the protodie unit to locate the engine mounts of the busa motor. JD66 did the same thing i believe ...his mounts are alot nicer than mine and you can see pictures in his thread ....i'll try and find some pictures of mine and post them up.....hope this helps.

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    Re: RPM sub frame/cradle and a GSXR1300
    I did the same, but as i feared, my pictures are no good like studio50's, photo bucket..... don't get me started. if you are looking for pictures of what i did, message me.
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