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    Low Budget Race Car. Now Painted!
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    Apr 2007
    Riverside, CA.
    Ok where to start.
    Lets see I have been racing for a few years now and one of my older brothers has
    always come to my races and supported me.
    He had a partner and they tride to do a truck but got in over there heads etc.
    Anyways they are selling the truck and have decided to do a small buggy.

    The buggy needs to be very small and not cost a lot.
    I have decided to sponsor my brother and will donate half the cost in parts, cage, setting
    up the car etc. as my half.

    I have a list of all the parts I have and a cost brakedown of what I think they are worth etc.
    But the thing is the buggy needs to be less than 10,000 and we would like to spend only 8,000 dollars.

    Ya I know but I think we can do it.
    I believe I can build a small basic buggy that meets the Score rules to allow him to
    race in the entry level buggy class or 9 class.

    All parts are stock no after market parts allowed.
    Simple. This actually helps us out with the cost. All stock parts. Perfect.
    Size and length are restricted. The overall width also.
    So the car will be a mini.

    He will be racing at MORE with us so he can share parts and pits with me and my other
    brother so thats cool.

    Ok so I will be building a small mini buggy with the exact rules to allow it into desert racing
    tech and safety.
    Ok I can do that.

    So I think we are off to a good start.
    Here is what I have so far.

    Frame for metal, welding wire, etc.
    Motor 1,600cc single carb motor
    Trannsmission I have add super diff.
    4 rims (must be stock steel rims 15x5) * * * * * *
    Tabs, for lights shocks etc.
    Tie rods, front arms, steering box etc.
    Front beam *
    Rear Torsion housing *custom made.
    Lights, rear amber, rear brakes, 2 front lights for now.
    Steering wheel and shaft
    Custom made steering shaft and u joints
    Stock pedals for brakes and gas pedal.
    Cnc clutch slave cylinder
    Steel floor and steel skid plate
    Rear torsion bars
    Bushings, fuel lines, filters, small vw parts etc.
    Rear trailing arms

    Ok so like I said this is what I have so far and will offer up to him as a sponsor
    After that he will have to finish it.
    This is what he will need to finish it.

    Aluminum body.
    Seat Belts
    Window nets
    Seats (empi race trims)
    4 new Drum brake
    Braded brake lines
    Braded clutch line
    Safety fuel cell and gas filler kneck
    2 front fox shocks
    2 rear fox shocks
    Tabs, Shock mount tabs etc.
    Weld in battery tray,
    Tranny brackets
    Fire ext. first aid kit
    Weld in shifter box
    Stock shifter and coupler
    New clutch pressure plate etc.
    New alternator
    New coil bosh blue
    New bearings for rear arms

    So this only brings us to less than 10,000
    We still have some money to spare to get exactly that spare parts and things
    we forgot on this list.

    So I think it can be done.
    A mini buggy that meets Score Rules and Safety but is small and fun to play with for a
    cheap price.

    Any input or feedback on this idea would be appreciated as I do value all of your input.

    I will be starting this very soon.
    If all goes well he will be racing it for the Cancer Charity event this October if I have anything
    to say about it he will be racing it way before then.

    Thanks for any input etc and I will update this as soon as the final details are worked out.
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    Re: Low Cost Race Car?
    I think this is an awesome idea. Overall the prices for parts seem very inexpensive. For example, fox air shocks will cost a minimum of 200 each for new. Please don't skimp of the safety equipment. I think you should figure at least 250 for both harnesses at a minimum. Sheet metal is cheaper than rhino plastic, but plastic won't need paint plus you might be able to pick up a used set off of ebay for cheap.

    You didn't add any pats for a radiator or cooling. pulling your chain here.

    Overall the pricing seems about 30-40% or more low. No matter how hard you try to plan everything out to the smallest detail you will always forget something.

    I think planning to spend 8-9000 on a buggy is a nice target, but don't let your brother get sticker shock when the price comes in between 10-12000.

    Go TEAM TUT!
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    Re: Low Cost Race Car?
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    Riverside, CA.
    I agree with you 100%
    The minute you come up with a price add and then add some more to the cost.
    He is willing to spend up to 10,000 to race.
    But I dont want him to set that as his goal or he will end up spending 12k
    know what I mean?

    Anyways those prices are my racers discount.
    I have a great deal on prices for some things so those prices do come in
    I get full race seat belts for cheaper as I replace them just about every year if not
    every other.
    So any of my race stuff is cheaper as I go through it faster than normal guys.
    The quote for my small fox shocks came in at 148 dollars as this is a stock class
    you have to run stock size shocks... *

    Anyways all that aside you always spend more than you think.
    So I am setting him on a lower budget and we will see how close we come.

    Maybe if we come in close to target I can offer these entry level race cars to the
    Everything includeing safety to start racing in the desert, tracks etc. for 10K maybe 12k?
    I think some people may want to try it.

    Its a very spec class and has been around in Score for a very long time.
    So everyone is very evenly matched.
    Its going to be a rough class and your going to get some bumps and bruises but it will be fun.
    and you will be able to start racing for a pretty reasonable price.
    So thats awesome.

    Well we will keep adding on stuff as we think of it and I am sure I forgot atleast
    10 items on that list.
    Lets just hope those items are cheap.. *
    And a lot of the stuff I can build and fabricate so no buying.
    And the class is so spec that even brakes and parts are stock.
    So again very cheap and easy.

    Ok well thanks for the input very informative and accurate, thank you.

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    Re: Low Cost Race Car?
    Why not do a stadium lite(pilot type) buggy?It would be fast and be perfect for short course races so that his freinds can watch him throughout the hole race instead of just passing by?I think the smaller buggies are starting to come back in a big way,the redline is now racing with the pilots as well as the older draks,etc...There hasn't been anyone come up with anything that can pass the pilot and it is 20 years old,I see drakarts and custom buggies still getting beat by the old faithful pilot.
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    Re: Low Cost Race Car?
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    Apr 2007
    Riverside, CA.
    I think its just because we dont have stadium or close courses around us?
    I drive 30 minutes to my races in the desert thats one of the reasons I moved out
    here to the desert.

    Also he would have a one of a kind unique car that none of our parts, mine
    or our other brothers car and parts would not work on his.
    So this keeps him running parts we all have and we all 3 will use and be the same.

    Parts is parts if you keep them the same this will keep down his overall start up
    He can pit with our other brother and myself and have full use of every tool and
    part he could need or use.

    As for open desert racing thats just what we are into and what we like to do.
    The adventure of it is awesome.

    This next racing we are doing is 500 miles, how many short course racers or mini
    buggies have had the chance to run their cars for 500 miles.
    Not to many. So this is awesome for us.

    And I agree the mini buggy or smaller cars are coming back.

    Thanks for the input and advice.

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    Re: Low Cost Race Car? Racer for less than 10k?
    What do you guys get when you win? Trophy money?
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    Re: Low Cost Race Car? Racer for less than 10k?
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    Apr 2007
    Riverside, CA.
    And then bragging rights.

    For each car that enters 100 dollars of the entry money goes into a purse
    Then the winner usually gets anywhere from another 500 to 1000 dollars of
    sponsors money.

    So I have seen guys getting checks for around 3,000 for a single race.
    15 to 20 cars plus 1000 sponsor money and you have around 3000 pay back
    if you win.

    Thats pretty cool.

    I run the trophy class we dont put in the 100 per car
    We just race for trophy only.

    My two brothers race for money and payback plus trophy.

    You also pick up sponsors yourself that help you with parts, wheels, tires, fuel etc.
    You usually run their sticker on your car and if you win you receive parts etc
    from them.

    Its all pretty cool.

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    Re: Low Cost Race Car? Racer for less than 10k?
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    Rushcity Mn.
    Too bad your so far away ...we race for BEER AND 460's ARE UNDER 4 GRAND...OPPS EFFEN CAPS LOCK
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    Re: Low Cost Race Car? Racer for less than 10k?
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    Riverside, CA.
    Now thats the kind of racing I am talking about!

    I got it how about we set up a track away from people and a safe distance from homes, power pulls
    We run say 3 laps.

    Winner drinks a beer, or 1 shot, second drinks 2 beers, or 2 shots, 3rd drinks 3 beers or 3 shots etc and
    then you set up your buggy for the next heat, wait about 15 minutes and race again.
    Repeat after each 3 lap races.

    You do this until you either dont have a car left or your all to drunk to drive.


    Now that sounds like fun right there.

    *disclaimer, you should never operate a motorized vehicle why under the influence.
    These are professional drivers on a closed course.
    All safety gear and precautions are taken to stay safe.
    The operators of such vehicles understand the risk and are doing this for a study
    that will aide in future drinking and driving results etc.
    Do not try this at home or away from home or for that matter near anyone you might hurt.
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    Re: Low Cost Race Car? Racer for less than 10k?
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    San Fernando Valley, California
    Nice disclaimer, Tut.

    I proved to my wife that men are more expensive than women. Then we had a Kid!!!
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