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    closed circuit racer
    hey guys finally starting my first project.

    it is being built to comply with TORC rules (in australia), which will allow me to race in the club rounds.
    (Rorty will be familar with this club)

    The deminsions for the open class are as follows;

    * * * wheelbase: 78" (2000mm)
    * * * * * ** *track: 64" (1630mm) - outside of rim to outside of rim
    * * * * * * * tyres: 27"
    * *head to cage: 3"
    engine capacity: 1300cc

    obvously there are other rules but these are the dimensions that are most important.

    the specs i have decedied on so far are as follows
    front suspension- Dual A arm.
    suspension travel: 16"
    castor @ ride height: 6 deg
    camber @ full bump: -5deg
    camber@ ride height: -1deg
    camber @ full droop: -4deg
    KPI angle : 5 deg
    tyres and rims: steel 15x6 yokahama rally tyres 195/65/15

    rear suspension - 5 link
    suspension travel: 14-16"
    tyres and rims : steel 15x6 yokahama rally tyres 205/65/15

    engine: *have a CBR 919RR (carby) but may upgrade to a R1 trying to keep the weight down so don't want to go any heavier.

    feel free to offer your opinions on these specs

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    Re: closed circuit racer
    Good to hear you're starting a buggy.

    I introduced the 2000mm wheelbase rule (up from 1900mm) and the 27" tyre rule (up from 25") to TORC. I also tried to get TORC to fall into line with every other motoring organisation and manufacturer in the world over the interpretation of "track", but I met with huge resistance which to this day I still don't understand! Over ten years later and TORC still refer to track as being from the outside of one tyre to the outside of the opposite tyre!

    I introduced the 1100cc engine capacity many years ago too and I had a hell of a battle to get that passed, but I see the limit is now 1300cc. In my opinion it's too much, creates unwanted mass and is a waste of money. On those tracks, there's no advantage in going much over 125 HP (which most 600 4-cylinder engines are capable of making now).

    I look forward to seeing some pics of your build.
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