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    Hi there! I am new to and I have a question
    Hi there,

    I recently joined to see what others are doing with there builds. I am a kid so I have to make do with what I have.

    Over the summer I started my own lawn business to make some money. The first thing I did was buy a welder. My dad and I found a very good deal on a heavy duty power systems 120v MiG/flux core welder and a Hobart 160i stickimate. After that I bought a dirt oval race kart with a 420cc "big block" motor. This kart was very very fast! after I finished building this kart I wanted to do more with my metal fabrication skills. My dad and I restore classic cars so we had some prior knowledge to building. I bought a cb 750 motor and I wanted to build a one seater buggy. One day my dad was looking through Facebook marketplace and found a badland buggy st3 rolling chassis that was welded up (mostly). We went to go pick the frame up and it turns out, the guy who had the buggy also had a motorcycle shop. When we brought the buggy home we realized that for the same amount of money we would have to put in the cb 750 to get it running, we could buy an entire complete bike. We messaged the guy with the shop and asked him what types of bikes he has to sell. We ended up getting a gsxr 600 k1 which supposedly only needed a little bit of work to get running. When we started taking it apart we realized that a lot of parts were missing. Here is where I am now. Should I spend my money into the gsxr 600 or save up and buy a bigger running bike. even if I got the gsxr 600 running, would it be enough to power the 2 seater st3? Let me know.

    If you read this far I greatly appreciate it,

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    Re: Hi there! I am new to and I have a question
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    I think the answer to will the gsxr 600 motor be enough is, it depends. How much top speed do you want (gearing it down will easily give it enough torque to move it around and have fun but it may not reach 60mph)? Are you wanting it for dirt, sand, mountains, desert (sand takes more power as it is moved and provides more rolling resistance). A fuel injected bike will have more power than a carburetor bike (I dont know when the gsxr 600 was injected, but my 2006 GSXR 750 is) so I'd say it probably better than the CB 750. Having to piece a bunch of parts via Ebay can be expensive to get something running. You can scavenge a lot of parts besides the motor (brakes, rotors, switches, ignition, battery, etc) off a running bike.
    All that being said, my buggy is a 2 seater and I'm in the desert and am using a GSXR 750 motor I bought from another member here. I figure it isn't a huge motor but should be fun and it has twice the power of the old VW sand rail I used to have (that was a blast to drive) so this should be at least as good but probably better off. Good luck with your build.Hi there! I am new to and I have a question

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    Re: Hi there! I am new to and I have a question
    It is a fuel injected motor. It runs about 98 wheel hp. I would at least want to get 90 out of it. thanks for the feedback!
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    Re: Hi there! I am new to and I have a question
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    Howdy and welcome to MBN.

    The 600 probably makes more hp than the 750 but maybe not as much torque. It’s a more modern engine and efi is definitely the way to go.

    It’ll run around quite well if you get the gearing dialed in. Aim for 65-70 top end and you’ll have good acceleration along with useable gearing. Trust me, 65 in the dirt is a lot faster than it sounds. (I’ve been in everything from a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton powered cart to 750 hp Trophy Truck so I’ve the experience to make that statement.)

    If you were were able to get the full GSXR, take ALL the wire harnesses (and I mean every wire & connector), engine, cooling & intake stuff and part the rest of it out on E-bay. You’ll be surprised what will sell. (Most of it)

    With the ST3, there’s room for a lot of different engines and drive trains so you’ve a good starting platform.

    Look around at the builds here and do as much research as you can. Start a build thread and ASK QUESTIONS. You’ll get answers.

    Fox Air shocks will be your best bang for the buck. Very tunable (easy to do - I can help and I have shims that I’ll gladly sell you on the cheap, as they’re just taking up shelf space.)

    You’ve got a great start, we’ll guide you thru!
    Sand is for fast cars
    Dirt is for fast drivers

    Yellow Dog Racing
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    Re: Hi there! I am new to and I have a question
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    Ninety horsepower sounds like more than enough for me, but I'm also a "less is more" guy, when it comes to a buggy. Single-seater, light frame, air-cooled engine with a CVT clutch is where I play. A 2-seater ST3 with a motorcycle engine is a different animal.

    As far as acquiring the missing parts, vs acquiring a bigger bike/motor. Hard to say. I heard a comment the other day that "Used cars depreciate and get cheaper, but the cost for replacement parts never depreciate". Overall, it might be cheaper to get another bike, rather than chase the missing parts for your motor.
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    Re: Hi there! I am new to and I have a question
    Also depends on what kind of driving you intend to do, on the dirt some what flat trails the 600 should do great, it will work in the sand but it will work very hard, I had the GSXR 750 that XJZ mentioned, it worked well but pulling something up hill in the sand takes some more torque.
    sounds like you have a good start with your welding, if your welder has the option for gas shielding you should try it, speaking for myself, you can get a better weld with more penetration.
    keep us informed with your build, everyone here will be happy to provide assistance and encouragement.
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    Re: Hi there! I am new to and I have a question
    Thanks for the reply!
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    Re: Hi there! I am new to and I have a question
    Thanks for the reply!

    I started a build thread, here is the link: JMperformance Badlands buggy ST3 thread

    As for the fox air shocks, I have four fox 2.0 shocks of a 2015 jeep Rubicon which work great. I posted a question in my build thread and if you could reply that would be great!

    thanks again for the reply, JM performance
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    Re: Hi there! I am new to and I have a question
    ok I'm taking note of that. thanks for the reply!
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