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    New buggy project, don't know what it is?
    Hello all, I am new to this forum. I recently purchased a buggy of sorts, with a 150cc GY6 engine which i hear is a fairly comon engine for these types of vehicles. I also ran a vin number and came up with the name Bashan, and from a bit of research are a quad bike company however i have failed to identify the model or brand of my buggy in any other way. If anyone could help me with identifying it, that would be a great help. I do have photos if anyone wants. Thank you.
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    Re: New buggy project, don't know what it is?
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    Howdy and welcome to MBN.

    Without pictures it's really hard to take a guess what you have. Also, saying it's powered with a 150cc GY6 engine says it's a Chinese built ride.

    You're going to probably have better luck identifying and getting info at Buggy News as there aren't a a lot of the Chinese built rides here on this forum.
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    Re: New buggy project, don't know what it is?
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    Chinese buggies are my favorites! After I put real engines and suspensions on them

    Got a picture? If you have trouble posting them to the forum you can email them to and I'll get them uploaded.

    Almost all of the Chinese buggies are Goka models and distrubuted to the US by Roketa. You can see a lot of their current and past models on
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