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    My GS850 Project
    Hi all. So this is my project that started off in my teens and has been sitting idle for over 12 Years. It has evolved in design during this time but little to no work had taken place. This however has changed during the lockdown period that the world faces. I have commited my lockdown weeks to the project and have thus far been able to get 3 days of 10 hours each into the project.

    Challenges that I foresee is that I might get to a point where I do run out of material, welding gas, welding wire or any other thing I have not thought of.

    While I do think my design is farely rigid and robust, there are some areas where my expertise lack, this is especially evident in the roll cage part of the frame. I have attached an image of what the buggy currently looks like. I have also added some masking tape to the parts of the frame where I do think strengthening needs to be added as well as where the fram needs to be merged with the chassis part of the buggy.

    If there are any members that would be able to point me in the right direction with regards to my triangulation within the frame and if any additional reinforcing will need to be done?

    Thank you in advance for any help and please do not hesitate to point out any other areas where I might come short in design.

    Photo 2020-04-05, 10 21 18 resize.jpg

    Photo 2020-04-05, 10 21 43.jpg
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    Re: My GS850 Project
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    Howdy and welcome to Minibuggy!

    Looks like you have a pretty darned good start on things. The triangulation, overall, is pretty good. I'd probably add where you have the tape.

    How about more info on the drive train? What's the big yellow thing with the sprocket?
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    Re: My GS850 Project
    Here is an update on the progress thus far. The rear A-arms are complete. I have spindles, bearings and CV shafts from a VW Golf MK2, they will need to be integrated into the outer A-Arm bracket and I do foresee that the design will be adapted once the articulation shows that no adjustments are necessary. After that the next step would be to mount the final drive of the GS850 to the frame and the spline shaft of the final drive to the gearbox output.
    Photo 2020-04-04, 15 39 18.jpg
    Photo 2020-04-06, 14 40 21.jpg
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    Re: My GS850 Project
    Hi K-fab, thank you. Will start off with the triangulation as displayed with the tape, can always add more at a later stage when I can buy more material after the lockdown. The big bare aluminium thing is a final drive from the Suzuki GS850 and the yellow thing used to be the wheel, this is where my adaptor plate and sprocket will be attached to. The ratio is kept the same for testing and once the whole project is complete I can play around with the ratios.
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