Alright. So the last few days, I've been looking at baja sae buggies, and read quite a few other buggy builds, and looked over the buggies that ProtoDie designed, and Thought I might mix a couple designs. As of right now, I mixed the styling / suspension of the FXT630, with the small and lightweight-ness of the MXT, and started thinking, If Baja SAE teams could design something that uses 10hp, weights around 350-400lbs, has however many inches of travel and suspension design, and make it have a top speed of 55-65mph, why can't I?

So new design, I'm going for something that will weigh 300-375lbs dry, powered by a Predator 420 / Honda clone, The engine will be mounted on the swing arm for now, single a-arm suspension up front. this will all be upgraded eventually, but for now I want a in-expensive, lightweight buggy, that I can tune and change without breaking the bank. Single a-arm with moto shocks, will be upgraded to Double a-arm, fox air's, 12-14" travel, rear, be upgraded similar to the FXT630, engine on the frame, so there's not as much unsprung weight. Then after suspension/handling gets upgraded, then goes on to motor wise, like from a 420cc / 13hp to. say, a pred 670 / cvt, or up to a 250cc/450cc quad engine, in the 35+hp range.

Chassis will (most likely) be 1" x 0.065" Dom tubing, or 1.25" x 0.049" Or similar, for strength and weight savings, more towards the 1" though. Custom aluminum seat, make as much myself as I can, should be interesting. And I want to do it on the cheap, and I noticed there aren't very many budget builds on here, so around maybe 2-3k? Definitely under 4k. So we have;

-375# Max weight
-Single A-Arm front / Swing arm rear
-Budget friendly, 2-3k -simple, yet effective woods/trails buggy
-User friendly (for now), Cvt and 13/22Hp

Might be missing some other stuff, but that will get added in later

Oh, and K-fab, I read that over about 3-4 times, some of the stuff I didn't understand, but I got most of it, Thanks!