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    Re: kids rock buggy
    bdkw1, what do you mean by front digs? Sounds interesting. Wouldn't it be hard to get both hydraulic motors to spin at the same time if they were controlled independently? One drives the front axle and the other drives the rear. Sort of the opposite of a mower where its one per side.
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    Re: kids rock buggy
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    Front dig is rock bouncer term. They disconnect the rear drive to help the front spin and make a turn around a rock. Lets the front slide around without to much forward movement. Also why they twin stick T-cases, so you can put each end in neutral individually.

    Say you have one line out of the pump. When it T's to go to the motors, you could put ball valves on the individual lines to cut the motors independently. Open they should run the same.

    Also, if the plumbing has any hard 90's in it, these kill flow. Replacing them with sweeping 90's or running the hose so that you can eliminate them will really help with flow.
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    Re: kids rock buggy
    That makes sense. Seems easy enough to do with the ball valves like you said. Since I have manual locking hubs on the front. I wonder if cutting power to the front axle would help with the slight pushing when they are locked?
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    Re: hydraulic rock buggy(kids)
    Charged the shocks. 300lbs in the front and 350lbs in the rear. Limit straps are going in next. Any idea how much they will increase the pressure in the shocks per inch drawn down? Im only bringing them down an inch to start. The slip joints on the driveshaft are too close to the end of their travel with the shocks fully extended.
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