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    SunL 250cc Project
    Hello all. So I guess I will start my running project build here. I have a 2005 SunL 250cc buggy that I bought last year that was not running. The previous owner said it had sat for over 8 years outside and inside his shop. When I got it I had to replace the stator, coil, carburetor, cdi, and rectifier to get it running. Also had to replace the final drive shaft because the gears were stripped. I have been driving it quite often until recently. We recently got 13 inches of snow so I took it out to play around in it. Well I believe that the clutch and or belt has finally wore out. Also there is a rattling noise coming from the variator. I do believe it is time to change everything out. After some research I found that I am going with the stock clutch and bell. Also a stock variator. I want to change the spring in the clutch to get better take off power. Right now it won’t spin the tires in the dirt. Also want to change the rollers to improve this as well. Still doing research on this combination. And I am replacing the belt also. In reading a lot of forums I am not sure yet which type of belt to use, Kevlar or stock. I will post pictures of what I find when I get a chance to tear it apart.
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    Tom S

    2005 SunL 250cc

    Carter 150cc

    Yerf Dog 150cc
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