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    I will try and keep an updated item list that will hopefully fully encapsulate what has been put into this project, and what time frames I'm working with. Trying to keep cost low of course, but I also know where some things should not be half-assed. Like the PTO shafts for Agricultural implements. I instead chose 1992 Mazda Miata CV axles that have the 4 bolt flange up to the differential, and typical stub for the Wheel Hub. I also grabbed 2 rear hubs, and 2 rear wheel bearings.

    So my initial welcome post I talked of using a 1989 530cc 2 Stroke Arctic Cat sled motor and CVT setup. TBH, I've never ridden or touched a 2 stroke before so I was a little uneasy to begin with, and to add to that, this one has an oil injection system. Well, I have been keeping an eye out for a relatively cheap old school liter bike. I found a 1980 KZ1000 for $500, and I offered the guy $600 to hold a couple days until I could get to his house. Son had baseball, father needed help with new appliances etc. Things I couldn't bail on IMO. Well he said yeah definitely, and now hasn't responded for a couple days past the meet date. Posting is still up .

    So low and behold, my neighbor had a KZ650 sitting behind his house and I asked him about it and he only wanted $150. Cranked, no start, wiring is a mess and the TK22 round slides were stuck. So I pushed it home and left it in garage til I have time to tear into the carbs.

    Here's a list of things that I have currently that are being used for the build:

    Rear ATV Wheels
    1.25" Keyed Axle 60" Long(I think that was the last measurement I took)
    Looks to be early 80's Motorcycle Brake Rotor
    Keyed Jackshaft
    Another Keyed Axle(Extremely Rusted) with 2 Pillow Block Bearings, 2 Shaft Collars, Rotor and Disc Brake Hub(Did not measure)
    Mini Gas Tank from what I assume was the original for the Frame and previous motor set

    1989 EL Tigre EXT Snowmobile (Arctic Cat) 530cc 2-Stroke with CVT(Complete Snowmobile, I'll reference this if I'm pulling individual parts I.E. Coil-Overs, Fuel Pump gauges etc.) Rat carcass and nest included at no additional charge.

    10 Bolt Chevy Rear End with the G80 Gov-Lock and 4.10 Gears (Bought a 2001 Suburban for $500, got a 10 bolt from a 2001 Tahoe for free from father-in-law so I May use the actual Differential Carrier to mount a sprocket and brake rotor to, then find pillow block type bearings to put in place of the Carrier Bearing. If I cannot, I'm scrapping it.

    20' DOM 1.25"x.125
    64' Rectangle Tube 3"x2"x.1875"
    64' Rectangle Tube 2.5"x1.5"x.375
    10' Plate 8"x.25"
    An absurd amount of angle, Est. 200' 1.5"x.125" and 200' 2"x.1875"
    lots of miscellaneous pieces like 3"x.25" Box tube from a engine hoist etct
    1984 KZ550-A Good Carbs, mediocre wiring and another rat nest--5/24/17$150

    1992 Mazda Miata CV axles(Brand New)--5/25/17

    1992 Mazda Miata Rear Hubs and Bearings--5/25/17

    So as of right now, I'm gathering parts and contemplating my next moves. The rear drivetrain is driving me up the wall when I know damn well it shouldn't be that difficult, and yet I'm still not sure how to get it done lol.
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