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    unlimited minibuggy
    In the planning stages of building an unlimited class utv per BITD rules. This will be a desert race machine. Class ruels are as follows- max w/b 134", max width 80" outside of tires at ride hight, 1000cc max, 32" max tire, can use shocks and bypass on each corner. This will be a full tube custom chasis, not a production based machine. My question is for the guys with experience with several different designs, what do you feel are the optimal dimensions for the w/b vs width. It will be powered by an r1 with a fnr box. I want to mount the fuel cell on the lower chasis rails to keep my cg as low as possible. I was thinking 110 to 112" w/b. What do you guys think would be ideal. A little about me. Have raced quads in xc and desert for severl years, and after a couple bad wrecks, my wife decided it was time for a cage. Lol. I'm 45 with many years of design and fabrication. This car will be designed in fusion360 before a single tube is cut. Thanks for the input.
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    Re: unlimited minibuggy
    I would go to nearly max width. This will give you the most wheel travel for a given CV joint angle

    Wheel base is a tradeoff between high speed stability and manueverability at low speed.

    I would layout the engine compartment and then the drivers compartment for comfort and see where you end up.

    Suspension design begins with the Tire, hub, spindle and works in ward to the pivot points.
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    Re: unlimited minibuggy
    I have no experience to offer, I'm just a budget builder. But, I do want to keep an eye on this build!! Good Luck, carry on. =)
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