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    question for the group
    Has anyone run the numbers for a motor/trans mounted with the axles running front and rear, turning diffs. what kind of final drive ratio would you end up with ? Would that even work with automotive style front wheel drive transmission and open diff ? I know that this probably should have been posted to the driveline forum but this is where I hang out when I have time and I like the way you guys think on this forum ! Does anyone know of any attempts at this sort of powertrain approach ?
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    Re: question for the group
    This is commonly done in some rock crawler buggies and the mini-monster trucks are usually done this way.

    I assume you are talking about turning the FWD assembly sideways and running drive shafts off of each output (originally left and right, now front and rear) down to automotive style solid axles or pumpkins set up for IFS/IRS...

    You will be very low geared, meaning high engine RPM's for low speed travel. You have to multiply the gear ratio of the FWD differential by the gear ratio in the differentials of your axles.

    Using an open diff in the FWD assembly will give you AWD instead of 4WD. It will allow power to be transferred to either front or rear or both. Great for high traction situations, keeps things from binding. Not good for rock crawling, because if one tire lifts off of the ground it will just spin and nothing else will.
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    Re: question for the group
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    Prob better to use a divorced transfer case to send power to front and rear.
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