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    Overall Width
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    For those of you who are running custom-made buggies, how important is overall width to you guy?

    I see all the RZR type vehicles stick to a 64" overall width. Is that some sort of standard or just what got picked early on and became the standard?

    I know there are some parks that have maximum widths to keep out the riff raff - how often do you guys see that?

    For the design I'm doing, I'd really like to have more width (to help get the wheel travel I want with 4WD) but I don't want to build myself out of someplace interesting.
    ~Mikah B.
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    Re: Overall Width
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    It really depends on where you plan on riding. Woods and such do lend to a narrower vehicle while open areas like out west allow for a wider setup. That said I have a slot canyon out here that our 64" wide RZR rubs to get through.

    Going to a deep offset wheel, like on the front of an XP1000 will give you a couple more inches of suspension length which also translates into more travel.
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    Re: Overall Width
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    Running 72" width here, but then I'm in terrain following Bowlers and the like so they tend to open it up
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