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    no name buggy project please help
    I recently picked this buggy up from guy who owns commercial property this was left by previous tenant I got it for free. there is a reason why it was free it looks like a tweeker got a hold of it. the original wiring harness was completely messed up and there was no rhyme or reason to what the person had done I was able to fix the mistakes and with a battery and carb cleaning got it running but have not been able to drive it because someone took the brake master cylinder out so I don't know how well it shifts. my problem is I have no idea who made this I am having a problem figuring out where to find parts like cv boots mastercylinder all the rubber bushings in the front end stuff like that. also what size engine I think its a 250cc what type of gear box trans I also need a few seals for the engine please help I am good at fixing and rebuilding things I have done a few dirt bikes and a quad I just don't know where to start.. by the way the only info I could find was a big sticker on the front that says toy junkies I know this was store bought or maybe a kit because it has a bunch of warning labels under the dash. it has been painted I could not find a vin or name plate anywhere please help
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    Re: no name buggy project please help
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    If im not mistaken... that is a Blade Powersports 250XT. Blade powersports is based in florida... or was back in the day. Not sure if they are still around. Actually, just googled it... they are no longer around. But that buggy is the same as Dazon, i think.

    Oh, and congrats on the great deal.
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    Re: no name buggy project please help
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    250cc, give Tom a call. If im not mistaken he has one or a dazon 250. Great guy, excellent head porter and general all-around china mini buggy guru
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