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    Re: JGSFAB 2-seat Turbo GSXR1000 buggy build
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    The GSXR case and shaft are designed with heavy side loading in mind.

    I think 4.44 would be just fine...really, though, the only way to know is to run it and see how you like it or if you have trouble. Every time I try to ballpark my gearing before actual testing happens I'm way off the mark.
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    Re: JGSFAB 2-seat Turbo GSXR1000 buggy build
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    Quote Originally Posted by XJZ33 View Post
    Your build here and your "not buggy a or b" build inspired me. Curious what your final gearing ratio on this GSXR build was (just between the BMW rear end and the QC gears)? I'm trying to see what ratio I should look for on my BMW diff.
    Also wondering if you had to put a support bearing on the drive shaft near the Bike output end to reduce stress on the bike coutershaft?

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    After 4 years in the sand I can safely say the drive shaft hasn't ever been a problem.
    Not alot of angle, no motion and the other end is supported by the FNR.
    4.44 with small dirt tires would be fine.
    JGSFAB- CNC'n everything I can. What to see more? or jgsfab on instagram.
    And don't forget jgsturbocom on youtube
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