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    The Mini-Raptor, K-fab Style
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    Let me start by saying this thread will take a while to get going. I won't be getting into the main build until I get moved out of Ohio and set up at the new compound out west.

    I've wanted to build a high hp dune assault vehicle for a while now, that can double as an off road vehicle too. I've played in a couple and it's a blast. In the sand, HP rules. Put that in a chassis that works and the fun that can be had is off the charts.

    It will be street legal (Man I love Arizona!!!)

    So this is the beginning of this build.

    Design first, make stuff later.

    The layout of the ride is based around using one of Benihana's Mini 'Raptor' Trophy Truck bodies.

    When I saw the body, and found out it was designed to fit an XP-900, I got pretty excited. That thing is flat out cool! And, it's about the right size for what I've envisioned. Then I find out he's doing different wheel bases and widths, and well, I had to get my hands on one and make my next ride.

    I'll be using the 75" wide, 92.5" wheelbase body for this project.

    I've had a couple of designs floating around in my brain for the past few years and as I've learned more and more off of this site, they've morphed into one that I think will be a lot of fun, a challenge to make and hopefully a bad ass little machine.

    Powerplant - Yamaha Nytro sled engine (3 cal, 1049cc - loads of torque), with an MPI supercharger on it (Yamaha actually offers the MPI Stage I kit as an OEM add-on.), driving an RPM gearbox. I'll probably use either the Micro-Belmont or the STM Powersports primary clutch (actually I'll start out with a stock Yamaha primary) and a Team-Tied driven.

    I'll be able to dial in hp as I want, depending on the fuel available. It should make around 180-200 on pump gas and then I can get close to 300 with mods and race fuel. We'll see how this develops as the machine gets used. I'll start out "light" and then decide if I want more (like I won't?).

    Transmission - the RPM of course! But this one's going to have a bit of a twist - I'll be taking the box I have, probably dropping an 8:1 or even something in the range of 6.5-7:1 (if he offers it) in it and making a billet case for it.

    As stated above, this is going to be a challenge project and a bit over the top - I want to try to make a total show piece that's fully functional. There's gonna be a lot of machined aluminum, magnesium and steel parts in it.

    bdkw1's already been "hired" for suspension help on this project. Brian knows his stuff and this will give us both a chance to develop a suspension that works and works correctly. I'll be giving him mounting points and such and he'll help design the components. He helped me with the rear arms on the Dez and they came out fantastic. I sent him suspension points, a box of flat plates showed up a couple of weeks later. We're gonna do the same this time too.

    Revolution Racing Shocks on all four corners. These are the same things I have on the Deztaz and I love 'em. Easily adjustable, really well build and I already have a set of 2.5's and 3.0's, both with a 14" stroke.

    Up front it's gonna be dual, un-equal length a-arms. I really want to emulate a Trophy Truck suspension as much as possible on this build - hey, it's in a Raptor TT body, so why not? Scaled down it should be pretty cool. I'll mount the suspension in a front bulkhead assembly like a lot of the builds on this site are using. Time to move out of the tube and tab mounting setups and get a bit more modern.

    The back will be a bit different - it's going to be similar to the RZR XP's three link setup - a trailing arm with two traverse rear locating bars. This will allow me to develop a suspension that will have long travel, use the Ford F150 stubs and non-plunging 930 cv joints. By sticking with the three link setup, I should be able to design almost no axle plunge into the drive train. Also, using the long trailing link, it will mimic the TT's rear suspension (from a side view), sticking with the overall TT theme.

    I want to run a sway bar on the rear, but I'm totally clueless about these things - more homework to be done here...

    I keep reading the threads about the F150 setup and the Intrepid hubs. I need to inspect this a bit more and see what I can come up with. I have a set of adapters that fit on the end of a 930 stub axle and can I make hubs with the pattern I want to use (4x156 - Polaris).

    I'll be using Hiper Racing wheels - 14x7 (3/4 offset). I have them on my XP and like them. They're light, tough and you can get replacement parts. Not sure what sneakers, but they'll be 30-31" tall. Obviously I'll run paddles in the dunes.

    I picked up a set of XP front calipers and a set of 270mm oversized rotors for the front stoppers on Flea-Bay. Not sure if I'll do the oversized or regular sized rotors on the rears. I'm sticking with the front XP calipers on all four corners, as they work well, they're easy to get and pads are plentiful. Being able to use off the shelf parts for as many things as I can makes the world easier.

    Running Gear:
    Steering - It's going to have electronic power steering (EPS) of some sort. There are threads all over the forum about it. I'll be reading them again.

    It's also going to have tilt steering. I have it in the XP and love it. Strange that something so simple is so nice!

    Seats - Not sure if I'll go with Sparcos again or look at some of the available suspensions seats.

    I already have a Tilton brake pedal assembly with dual master cylinders, so I'll be able to put a bias lever in it.

    Interior - I'll do another dash like I did on the XP. That was a fun project and I know what I'm up to this time.

    There's a good chance that I'll try to seal up the cabin and make it "user friendly". Benihana's body is designed so that it can be setup like a regular street ride, with a/c, glass all around and such. That will come later, though. I will go with opening doors, though - which is going to make the chassis design interesting - I'd like to be able to get in/out of the little Raptor with minimal effort.

    I'm not sure yet if I'll run a front mounted radiator or put it behind the cabin. If I run a full windshield (and nothing else as far as glass goes), it will allow for some decent air flow through a rear mounted radiator, but how good? And what about the intercooler? It's going to need airflow over it too. I like the idea of running the rad up front, but that involves more longer cooling lines (more coolant - a good thing). I want to keep the intercooler lines as short as possible, so there may end up being some creative ducting involved. We'll see as we get to that aspect of the build.

    LED lighting will be used everywhere. Not sure how I'm going to do the street legal running gear yet, but I'll figure it out. I don't know if Benihana's planning on making any front or tail lights yet or not.


    And the designing begins.

    To do a car correctly, we have to start at the wheels and work in. Front suspension is first.

    To figure everything out, I have to design the hubs first, then put spindles in place and work in. To design the hubs, I needed to have my wheel specs and my brake specs, hence getting the calipers and rotors. I want the calipers to be as close as possible to the back of the hub, but not have an issue with things hitting if anything flexes. From there I can design the spindles knowing the tire size, the back spacing of the rims and such.

    The CAD sessions start. I'll post up as I get stuff done.

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    Re: The Mini-Raptor, K-fab Style
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    looking forward to this!
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    Re: The Mini-Raptor, K-fab Style
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    Freaking awesome. Hey you might need a hand building so count me in. I'm good at being directed on what help you may want or need.
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    Re: The Mini-Raptor, K-fab Style
    Well, I'm excited........
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    Re: The Mini-Raptor, K-fab Style
    This sounds entertaining to say the least. Looking forward to the build!
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    Re: The Mini-Raptor, K-fab Style
    Seems since you aren't restricted by the sled frame you could do away with the jackshaft on the MPI set-up and drive it directly off the crank. Less parts/belts=less problems.......
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    Re: The Mini-Raptor, K-fab Style
    Mmmm I sense a bar raiser coming,,, in every sense of the term.
    Talon's YouTube Channel

    Adapt what is usefull , reject what is useless and add what is your own.........Bruce Lee
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    Re: The Mini-Raptor, K-fab Style
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    Cool beans Boss.
    "Speed is time-time is speed"-Dennis Hopper

    Quote Originally Posted by TALON View Post
    did you use a special bigfoot camera or something ,you know all blurry could be a tree stump kinda thing .
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    Re: The Mini-Raptor, K-fab Style
    yeah this "k-fab special customs and design" (like the name?) is going to be sweeeeeeeeeeet and look sick. "
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    Re: The Mini-Raptor, K-fab Style
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    Between this build and Flyerrider's new 2 seater, I just want more, moar, MOAR!!!
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