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    PCI Busa SxS Shakedown Video
    I started a video thread separate to the build thread as I knew a bunch of you were asking for video and the video post in the thread will eventually end up some where on a page leaving you searching for it. So here it is, below is a repost from the thread....

    Alright, so I finally got this thing out and can only say that despite my worry that the car would need a lot of fine tuning; it did surprisingly well. In fact, I did virtually nothing more than drive it and drive it hard.

    The car is an absolute machine built for desert eating. I was worried about steering/handling and it handled amazing (got some minor bump steer to deal with which I knew I had). I was worried about suspension; it soaked up everything but obviously needs fine tuning. I was worried about gearing; that was perfect IMO as the car pulls through every gear and has zero issue getting short of 100mph while still feeling safe. I was worried about temp due to hiding everything in tin, the car kept perfect temp at all time on a warm weekend. Chain, brakes, clutch, etc. not a single issue. I must say I surprised myself as I drove 80-90 miles and didnít touch a thing.

    The two issues I did have was on occasion after a good ride my shifter would stiffen up. I think this is due to having the cable too close to the exhaust. So maybe wrapping it, or getting a thicker cable may help this. Second, I had a rear CV give out last day in the afternoon. This was due to a hub boot coming off, packing the CV full of dirt. I drove the crap out of it after this happen till it grenaded; and boy was it fun. I need to talk to Jason Weller or maybe someone on here that has sr1 midbores can help me with what you do to secure the hub boot with that tiny little flange that these hubs have.

    All and all, I can say the shakedown was a success and cannot wait to drive it again. The car is scary fast and is way desert worthy which was my build intent. I have owned and driven various cars, buggies, turbo, v8, etc. and nothing has been as fun as this thing. I made a little video for you guys. Iím sorry that all I have is gopro footage; Iíll try to get some better angels and exterior footage next time. This is the first time Iíve made a video like this, so I hope it works out ok. Also, for some reason I was having trouble uploading in HD, so 480 is all youíll get till I can figure it out.

    Thank you for all your great comments, critique and advice throughout this build. This has been both a great mission with my son and a huge learning experience for me. I hope thereís more to come from PCI. Enjoy the video, itís a little long, sorry...
    Check out My Build slide show:
    Check out the Busa Desert SxS walk around:

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    Re: PCI Busa SxS Shakedown Video
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    Didn't ease into that at all did you...
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    Re: PCI Busa SxS Shakedown Video
    looks like there are alot more fences at Dove from when I was their last
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