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    2 seater ____ Project
    Hi there,

    This is my first post (beside the intro) so be easy. Yesterday I said that i would post a few pics of my 2 seater project and here they are.

    About three years ago, my buddy and I started this project before I left for the army.
    He was the brains of the project and I was just trying to learn as much as I could about building and fabricating. Now I'm left with this frame, a little knowledge and whatever I'm learning from MBN and a couple other sources.

    Before I get to far into picking up on this project I wanted to get a few opinion about where to take it. The frame was originally designed to be a mid sized sand rail. Since there is more desert than sand here in El Paso and they have the ocasional desert race, I want to gear it more towards a class buggy with little or no mods to be able race. Now where I say class, I'm thinking a class 10 or something. I really would like to make a class 3000 however, the wheel base is too long and to wide. I would really like to have a little more power than an ecotec anyway and I think that I can fit a v6 (possibly something like a 3.6 cts engine or something) but I havent been able to find a common class for a 6 cylinder.

    I would like to keep my budget around 25k or less and since I have an upcoming deployment, this project will most likely take quite awhile to build.

    Any tips would be great.


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    Re: 2 seater ____ Project
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    Well here is a tip. Please be safe on your deployment and of coarse please make it back safely.
    I admire our pledge to this country by serving.
    That being said at least you have a budget that does make sense.
    It's not easy and is not cheap. But this is the perfect site for help with what ever you need to know.
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    Re: 2 seater ____ Project
    Cool bud, with good research you will get it finished correctly. Check out your Governing Racing Body for design and construction of your roll cage and other requirements. They have set rules on how certain bars have to be, and material size. So check that out before you plan to go to far, it will help you decide on the direction to take it. If you can try to get involved with your local club, as there will be people in there willing to help, and a scrutineer that will also be able to tell you what you need to do to get it passed. Some front wheel drive engined cars would lend a good cheap engine/gearbox combo that you can fit to it.

    Be creative and think out side the box, check out other builds and buggys at the race meet's, speak to the owners of the buggys, over time you'll gather a wealth of knowledge first hand and be able to put that to good use on your buggy. I have been researching them for years, and the best research has come form talking to people directly with first hand experience, Now i'm putting that to good use and the modified ST4 is coming along well.
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    Re: 2 seater ____ Project
    Looks long, whats the overall length?
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    Re: 2 seater ____ Project
    I would also suggest you get real familiar with the rules under which you may race the vehicle. If the frame isn't going to get past those rules, you may want to just start over. The vast bulk of the cost is in the other purhaces components (engine, transmission, suspension, hubs, brakes...)

    Frame takes time and thought but not a lot of cost.
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    Re: 2 seater ____ Project
    So the overall length is 12' bumper to bumper and it's 4' wide. So you can use a stock engine trans combo? I've never seen that. I guess I have always thought that you needed to have a bus trans or a mendeola. Oh and thanks for all the replies.
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    Re: 2 seater ____ Project
    Oh and as far a the rules for each class go, is there a website or something with a rulebook? All I've seen in a SCORE rulebook and you have to buy it.
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