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    Kids Kart Build
    Hello All

    I have been reading through this site for a year and half or so and would like to say Thanks for all the discussions on Mini rails. I was wanting to build one for me but figured I better build a smaller scale Kart first

    So luckily my 5&6 year old had a go cart that was hard for them to steer and stop so I plan on building a smaller scale Mini Buggy with a 6.5 hp motor and rack and pinion steering and hydraulic disc brakes with independent rear suspension

    Heres a pic of the 1/12th scale of the frame and pics of frame build

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    Re: Kids Kart Build
    Welcome to MBN! Many people lurk here before posting, but we always welcome newcomers. Your kids will sure appreciate having an upgraded go-kart. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!
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    Re: Kids Kart Build
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    Welcome to MBN!

    That should be a great first build. Your kids are lucky you are building for them first!
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    Re: Kids Kart Build
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    Nice,your kids will love it.

    We run the 6.5 in our kids carts.
    Clutching is one of the biggest things to get performance out of the motors.

    Good clutches can cost more than the motor

    Photo Gallery - Kids Cars
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    Re: Kids Kart Build
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    Welcome to the site.
    I like it! Very cool and the small scale build is awesome... very cool.

    Ya your kids are totally lucky but once you finish theirs then you can start on yours.

    Keep us updated and looks great so far.

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    Re: Kids Kart Build
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    Can't wait to see it completed! Looks great. How are you running the rear drivetrain? looks like U-joints?
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