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    Bandit build
    This is a project that I started over a year ago and had to set aside. for a while. I'm trying to work up some motivation to get back into it. Sorry about the bad cell phone pictures:

    I had hoped to power it with a small motorcycle or a sled engine but I never lucked into any deals. I settled on one of those cheep 16 hp harborfrieght industrial engines mated to a comet 40 series CVT. The plus side with this setup is that it will be relatively safe for my kids to drive.

    One of the things I got hung up on is the rear end. The plans call for single a-arms with U-Joints. I know that there are a few of Bandits out there running with this setup so I guess it works but it didn't really appeal to me. The biggest disadvantage is the lack of clearance in the center due to the limited travel and the low hanging sprocket. I'll be mostly riding trails with this thing so I wanted some descent clearance.

    I don't have the equipment or the $$ to do a full up CV setup so I'm thinking of doing something similar to the Shredder rear end with trailing arms and dual chain drive. That seem reasonable?
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    Re: Bandit build
    looking good
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    Re: Bandit build
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    You've probably seen this build on the forums:

    KX500 powered micro 2 seater

    He's using a trailing arm/dual chain setup.

    You could also contact 57chevy. He has a Shredder II that he takes on some no-holds barred trails. He can tell you how that has worked out for him.

    I adapted the Shredder II trailing arms to my single-seater and it has worked out well. You should be able to do the same thing on your bandit frame, but be aware that the sprockets on the axles hang lower than a CV setup. You can use a primary/secondary setup to reduce the size of the rear sprockets, but you will need to pay attention on the really rocky trails to make sure that you don't bang a sprocket into something really big. So far, I haven't had any issues. I wore out a set of sprockets long before I had an issue with a bent sprocket. Just make sure you have a sprocket guard to cover the bases.
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    Re: Bandit build
    Here are a couple of drawings of what I had in mind for the rear end.

    I'm thinking of building up from tube rather than using large square tube like the Shredder. Mainly because I have alot of 1 inch tube laying around.
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    Re: Bandit build
    Question regarding jack shafts. I'm having trouble finding a 3/4 jack shaft long enough for my setup. I need about 26 inches for the final drive. Can I just use plain mild steel rod from the local steel shop and cut my own key ways? Is that stuff strong enough?
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    Re: Bandit build
    Check this page.

    Surplus Center
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    Re: Bandit build
    Severral BANDITS have been done here, and elsewhere. They lend themselves well to a full spec plan build, or a plan/guideline improvise build.

    If yo haven't already, chech out some of the other BANDIT, or re-monickerred BANDITS, the more that are done, the more ideas pop up!

    Enjoy yourself, and get moter-v8d

    PS, use 1" gokart axles, and cut them to length...3/4 on the rear is TOO light.
    kliff I'm trying to be polite...yes I am, I'm trying to be polite... even if I ain't always politicly correct...

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    Re: Bandit build
    Did some research and I have the shaft question sorted. Turns out that the way to go for 'go kart' quality shafting is C1018 Cold Rolled. The local steel supply will sell me 5 ft for $13. Much better than anything I could find on-line. I probably spent way too much time to save $50 but maybe someone else will find the info useful.
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    Re: Bandit build
    My first attempt at a trailing arm. Came out a kind of skinny in the rear. I was trying to reach into the deep offset polaris wheels I ended up with.

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    Re: Bandit build
    Anymore up dates on this buggy?
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