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    New Front End, longer wheel base & Video of testing.
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    Ok if some of you missed it I re made Kitts front end.
    Couple reasons, the front had some fatique and was showing a couple cracks from the last race. The shocks on Kitt are taken from our old cars back end and are 12 inch shocks not 10 inch shocks they stick up a lot taller.
    Last Kitt's wheel base is only 95 inches long and Class 3000 Lite class allows you to have all the way up to 103 inches.

    So do to all these reasons Pepper and I decided to go ahead and redo Kitts front end and fix all of these problems to the best of our ability. Without buying new shocks that were smaller I came up with the best way to lower the larger shocks as best as I could and also gained 1.5 more inches of wheel travel. Now that is awesome.

    So I was able to fix all three problems and Kitt is much better now.
    Here is a before photo of Kitt.

    And here is a after shot with her front shocks now much lower. It is hard to tell as the front of Kitt is now longer the nose drops more and so the shocks still look like they stand up bug not as much at all... They are still the bigger shocks but they are at least lower. New longer wheel base and a double X brace system to hold the front together. Then new limit straps to keep everything soft on and intact. Here is a shot of her almost finished.

    After everything was checked and re checked we took off to the desert to do some testing on Kitt to see how she was going to handle and act being longer.
    We would need to revalve the shocks adjust the coils and see how she acted.
    There is a place in Barstow we test so we headed back there to take some new video so we could compare it to older videos of us testing there back in the day.

    Here is Kitt before running in this very big bowl like whoop section... they are so big Kitt nearly fits into them!

    Here is the older video before the changes
    YouTube - Kitts Old Front End Testing 1

    and running the other direction before the changes.
    YouTube - Pepper testing & breaking in new motor

    Now with the longer wheelbase, 1.5 more inches of wheel travel, lower shock mounts and the new Web Racing Cam we go back and test again.

    First video after changes
    YouTube - kitts new front end video 3

    going the other way
    YouTube - kitts new front end testing 1

    And last the fastest section I could find as a racer I am going to find what is fast and not just run through stuff because I can. So I found a path with the least amount of big whoops to just see what a fast pass could look like and how fast it can be done.
    YouTube - Kitts new front end video 2

    I am not saying anything.... You be the judge!

    Qestions commits please post.
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    Re: New Front End, longer wheel base & Video of testing.
    Nico job!
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    Re: New Front End, longer wheel base & Video of testing.
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    looks much smoother in the whoops. how does it turn? does it feel bigger? i bet you're anxious for your next race.
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    Re: New Front End, longer wheel base & Video of testing.
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    Looks good and I'm positive it rides better with the longer wheelbase.

    Nice work!
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    Re: New Front End, longer wheel base & Video of testing.
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    Pepper says she notices no difference in turning. Kitt is still plenty short at less than 103" inches of wheel base so you don't really feel any difference. She turns sharper than you ever needed or wanted to for racing especially at high speeds. She does not feel any bigger and she just looks a little bigger in the front end if you look at her and know what she used to look like as her front tires are now just up at the front fire wall and they used to cover up the front fire wall.
    She feels better... much much better actually.

    When I changed everything I was not looking for us to be able to feel any difference but I figured when we raced and we saw our lap times that they would just be better.. you know not much of a difference in person but you would just be able to run faster without feeling everything so you would go a little faster type deal and run faster lap times. That was my goal but you feel faster, are faster and run faster and you feel it! Man you can hit stuff that you would have lifted off the gas for and she takes it very well. Very cool.

    She is more stable we get less of the "Baby Shakes" as Pepper calls it when your up in 4th gear going over 50% of throttle and you hit some little whoops or rough section she used to kind of speed wabble or shake a little. Anyways with this longer wheel base she did not do this at all.... the shakes are completly gone!
    We tried in many different sections where I know it happens and it no longer does.
    See the very last video at the bottom at over 70% throttle in 4th and she is smoooooth.

    Pepper said she is easier to drive and we don't get the back end sliding around as much
    especially when you change from one lane to another or trail to trail you don't get all squirrely.
    She really likes the difference.

    The back needed about 5 passes to get the shocks re valved to where we were not hitting the ground anymore and running smooth again. The difference in wheel base etc. did through off our valving a little bit. All fixed and we did a full lap and was really impressed even in the slower rough she just feels better.

    The front is perfect no adjustments needed. Plus with the extra 1.5 inches of wheel travel and that was all droop she sits a little higher and rides taller in the front. When you punch it and bring the front up she is taller and runs over stuff nice. I went to a couple sections where we usually hit our front end and we no longer do. Very cool.

    The new cam is great. You do feel it in takes off's and when you punch it you can feel yourself push back in the seat in any gear... so that is a big difference.

    Lowering the entire shock mounts and shocks is very nice you don't even notice them out there as we were so used to the taller mounts and you just look over the new mounts by almost 6 inches over the last set up.
    As I said with the front being longer the nose dropped down a little more so they look like they stick up still but from before they are much lower so that is awesome for looking ahead of you on the track or down in front of you, you can see great.. Very cool. Plus I was able to beef everything
    up in front to help with the fatigue and strengthen the car a lot.

    Well in testing everything has shown a great improvement so now only a real test in a race will
    tell us the truth. Did all this really help or not? Next race sept 12 and then we will know.
    Wish Pepper luck and hope all these changes pay off.
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    Re: New Front End, longer wheel base & Video of testing.
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    It looks good and looks lots faster/smoother.

    Good luck next race Peper!

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