Bit of an update:

Have done 3 race race weekends now and really loving it, Cooling is now under control with a bigger radiator and 14" thermo fan.

Sorted out a prefilter box

The main thing to do now is sort out my shocks. Currently they are way to stiff and my ride height is to high. Rear grip is lacking and im not confident with overall stability. I have a new set of springs on the way as well as some valve shims to soften that up.
My biggest concern is corner entry, I'm finding I can over cook it abit to easily. I'd like some more lock so will be looking at the uprights and what I can do about that. I lost the rear over the weekend and backed into a tyre wall and tipped over. Luckily no damage as it was pretty soft roll, but Im thinking at higher speed it could have been worse so some rear stability and getting lower is number one priority at the moment.