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    New Buggy Build
    Hi guys!

    I'm new to all of this, but I'll be starting my Piranha soon. I've got an xv1100 as a possible donor. Is this a possible engine?

    Also, how hard is it to do the wiring for this thing?

    I'm sure it will all have it's challenges but I'm most concerned with the engine and wiring!

    I'm excited to share guys! I'm looking forward to it all!

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    Re: New Buggy Build
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    Hey Matt!!

    I have never build a Piranha, but a 1100cc engine is quite big. I'm using a air cooled Suzuki 1100G as donor for my buggy and it's big but with some modifications to the chassis it fits within my cage.

    For my buggy I bought a entire donor bike and salvaged all the parts I needed: engine, electrical etc. I build everything on my buggy, except the brake lights. But that is still an option.

    When you study the wiring loom and you have a schematic, you would be fine.

    Look and ask around on • Index page where you have more Piranha builders, search for 'xv1100' and maybe there is someone who also has a xv1100 powered Piranha or other model.

    Hope to read more about your build soon!

    Good luck,
    I'm building my personal Badland's ST2 Long Travel
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    Re: New Buggy Build
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    Do it! Add 100mm to the engine bay and 100mm to the cockpit and you'll be right!
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    Re: New Buggy Build
    take the engine measures and calculate if will fit.. because i have to cut my piranha in half to fit v-twin honda vfr 750 motor. you will need much more then 100mm in engine bay

    in my experience
    MUST TO DO - go with uniballs on rear end
    -add 100mm to the cockpit
    should do - front brake and double a arms in front
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