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    Buggy build from Spain
    Hello people
    I'm building a piranha buggy and I got as far is the drive train and I was thinking to use a pair of BMW hubs but I have not got an idea how to mount them . Thanks and sorry for my spell eking
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    Re: Buggy build from Spain
    Senior Member ErwinBnl's Avatar
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    Hey Javier!

    A Piranha is a very nice buggy!

    Do you have the stub axles and CV axles of the BMW also? You should build the driveline exactly the same as the BMW, but then with different uprights. You should make your own uprights with the bearings fitted within them so you can run your stub axle through.

    I did it like that also, and I'm using a differential, but I regret that choice haha.

    Look around on this forum and at • Index page to gather some information.

    Good luck!
    I'm building my personal Badland's ST2 Long Travel
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    Re: Buggy build from Spain
    Thanks Erwin bnl
    I got the hub and the and the axels from the BMW . I'm thinking of making my own a. Arms them mount the shocks on them , what you think ?
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