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    Buying a Piranha Buggy
    hello, i am new and i have been looking to buy a piranha buggy, it doesnt have to be a completely finished project buy i dont want to start from scratch at the same time. If anyone would b able to point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
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    Re: Buying a Piranha Buggy
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    Hi FB, is than an 'Edge' Phranha you are taking about??? Where do you live! In Australia you see Phranha's at various stages up for sale on EBay.
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    Re: Buying a Piranha Buggy
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    Blueracer on this site has a nice Piranha roller for sale.
    This is painted and was a complete car with TL1000 motor.
    He wants to pull and keep the motor.
    Maybe someone here can post the link to that thread?
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    Re: Buying a Piranha Buggy
    thanks for the quick replys, im from northern ireland but can travel to get one within the uk, yeah the edge piranha is the buggy im after. i seen a really nice one on ebay in the uk but the auction was over when i seen it....always the way lol
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