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    Re: Polaris FNRL
    Oh and it's the start of the Mississippi River. Headwaters I think is what it's called
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    Re: Polaris FNRL
    will you ship to 77536?
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    Re: Polaris FNRL
    anatram, my employer sent me to Houston tx for training. When I get back to Minnesota I will check on the shipping cost.
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    Re: Polaris FNRL
    We used this box for about a year or so. They work great combined with the front spool that came in those quads. It makes a nice little chain drive independent rear setup.

    I wouldn't recommend them for anything over say 50 hp. The weakest link is the case, the mounting points are not real strong. Just my thoughts.

    I hope somebody takes advantage of his great Minnesotan offer!
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    Re: Polaris FNRL
    What are you referring to as the front spool? I salvaged all the chain drive 4x4 components when I stripped machine
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    Re: Polaris FNRL
    When we put together the drive train for our buggy we used the front chain drive differential (spool) in the rear and did not use the rear drive components. We used a single sprocket to drive the front differential, in the rear.

    I realize now that they didn't always use the eccentric housing shown below and that may be a different model than what you disassembled.

    I can't seem to find the pics right now (maybe the links crashed?) in our build thread:

    So I'll just include some pictures.

    Polaris Micro fiche:

    Notice the items with arrows, the eccentric housing (9) and the eccentric 'hub' I guess (7). There is a shaft that goes through there and has a CV attached to both sides, as well as a sprocket (chain from trans).

    Here is a quick cross reference of the models that utilize the eccentric housing (9).
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    Re: Polaris FNRL
    I see what you did. Was what I was thinking of using for the spool too which is why i kept it. Kept the rear axle because i didnt understand cv axles, plunge and stubs then. Didnt know which direction to take then. Never started a project with these parts and that's why they have been sitting. I'm currently building a two seater and this stuff is too light. I hope shipping is feasible and I can get this stuff to anatram. If not get it to someone who can use it.
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    Re: Polaris FNRL
    That trans, if anything like the rest of them, will hold bout 2x that 50hp. Hell a basic race mod is 70-80hp. Thats not even a drag mod
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