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    turbo system questions
    ok i am in need of a little bit of help on decideing. *I am working on a turbo kit for my ridgerunner. * and have a few questions...

    first question...

    air to air intercooler or water to ar intercooler the two i have int *mind are these.

    [url= fd36f9101fcf96fe296ecf2f2cab00:2qu6hc31]air to air intercooler[/url:2qu6hc31]

    or any one of the listed air to water cooelrs need input?
    [url= f2cab00:2qu6hc31]water to air intercooler[/url:2qu6hc31]

    second question?

    how do you determine what size cooler you need. i am running a gt15 turbo and a 800cc efi polaris sportsman atv motor. *I already have a ported head, cam, and power commander. *i am trying to build a driveable reliable turbo setup. *any recomnedations.

    in looking for places to get parts i have found two that i intend to use. the two sites i have found for affordable parts are these

    [url= 2qu6hc31]frozen[/url:2qu6hc31]

    and these guys

    [url= 2qu6hc31]silicon[/url:2qu6hc31]
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    Re: turbo system questions
    For what we do air to air. No question.Running a gt15 I'd talk to garrett directly and bypass all the misinfo you'll get otherwise.
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    Re: turbo system questions
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    Definately an air to air, try to get a bar and plate setup rather than a tube and fin, bar and plate is more efficient but more exspensive. As for the size fabr's right contact garrett, they'll give you the most accurate overall dimensions you should stick too. It's definately not going to be a big one. And with a gt15 don't go big on the inlet and outlet of your intercooler, keep them small. Larger inlets with such a small turbo will increase your turbo lag and pressure drop across the entire system. I've built alot of turbo stuff
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