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    Re: UPDATE! GSXR Wire Diagram for 2006/7 GSXR 600/750
    I got it to crank today tomorrow I will try to start it up

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    Re: GSXR Wire Diagram
    Time to get this thread going again
    So I have a 750 engine, I think it's an '07, when I got the car it would start and run but not great, also the cluster only had the back light, pulled the insulation off the harness and re did the extensions on the cluster, some wires were broken. I think I fixed the not so great running, they were powering the injectors off the wire that comes from/goes to the ECU for the starter relay, not even sure how that was working at all? powere the injectors from the ignition switch, now the cluster would come on, that is until I ground the main ECU ground wire black/white, then the cluster blanks out and the back light is the only thing that works. at the moment I just unplugged the thing and it still runs fine.
    I'll put it back in if I could figure out how to make it work but otherwise it stays off.
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    Re: GSXR Wire Diagram
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    These engines don't need to cluster to run. The back light is triggered by a wire, which routes to the light switch.

    The injectors should be getting a positive signal when the key is on, and the ECU will pulse the ground line to fire them.

    The coil packs are the same. Both of these need a good source of power since they are fairly high current draw for a really short period of time, so if you are lacking in supply to them, you will be cutting the motor short on fuel.

    The red and orange wires are usually the positive wires.
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    Re: GSXR Wire Diagram
    150 sounds like a great deal. Wiring is a pain
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