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    Intake manifold
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    This is a long shot but Iím looking for one of these intake manifolds. fL350 cylinder with a kx500 intake mated to it. Then the manifold, it leans back which is what I need for the carb to clear the cylinder. then a keihin watercraft carburetor finishes it off. Just hoping maybe someone who played with these buggies might have one laying in a box somewhere and they would sell it.
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    Re: Intake manifold
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    That looks like some of the old Briggs stuff that I got with the Gen IV cars.
    I can't recall who purchased all the engine stuff otherwise I'd say give "them" a call.

    The piece looks like something from an old stand up Jet Ski.
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    Re: Intake manifold
    I think Mudbogger got that stuff. He may still be active on the forums at .
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