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    Who else runs a ZX12R???
    I'm looking at getting a low profile oil sump to lower the my engine a few inches. While I was reading about these I discovered some auto-crossers that were also using zx12's and they said that you need some special 360 degree collection thing (super expensive) sump because of the g-forces involved in turning a car would cause the oil pump to starve otherwise. They probably have higher g-forces than we do since they have really good traction on the asphalt. Anyway has anyone had problems with this? Or should I just cut down the stock sump and weld a flat plate to make it shorter.

    Any other general words of wisdom or experience with the zx12r is welcomed as well.
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    Re: Who else runs a ZX12R???
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    I think a swinging pickup is what you talking about. I run stock pan in my 12, no problems with pickup. How much shorter are these pans. Lowering other items would prob be easier than this low profile pan
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    Re: Who else runs a ZX12R???
    Cool thats good to know. I was thinking about running an accusump too just to be safe but if you havent had any problems then maybe not an issue. Instead of shortening the pan im just gonna let it stick out the bottom of the frame half an inch, then surround it with a 1/4 inch skid plate
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