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    Opinions about the Rotax 532 engines.
    Just after opinions about the Rotax 532 liquid cooled engines? Mainly the reliability of them more then anything.
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    Re: Opinions about the Rotax 532 engines.
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    I haven't seen anybody on the forum using a Rotax engine but, eventually, everybody tries just about every engine type available, so why not?

    I'm not too familiar with the engine, but if I were evaluating an engine purchase, I would look at the initial cost and the availability of parts. If the engine is cheap enough and there's plenty of cheap parts, then I would probably go for it.

    Reliability is sometimes harder to gauge. If you browse the Internet looking for information on that engine, you get varying opinions. People who have direct experience with the engine seem to be happy with it and feel that they're great engines, but others relate anecdotal stories about bottom-end reliability but don't have any personal experience to relate. I go back to my earlier statement: cheap engine, lots of parts = good deal.

    I will relate one experience I had with a Rotax engine. I picked up a Rotax 277 engine from a snowmobile that was hardly ever used. I had planned on using it for a buggy build, but I decided that the engine was too small for my needs (20+ hp). The cylinder jug was on the original bore and had great compression, so I listed the jug and piston on Ebay. I didn't list the bottom-end because the @#$# clutch wouldn't come off and I didn't think it would be very easy to ship. The queries I received weren't about the cylinder jug. Apparently you can find them everywhere. What people wanted was the bottom-end. The Rotax 277 was very popular, but it had a weak bottom-end and it was hard to find one in good condition. A local buyer reached out to me and I sold the bottom-end for $55. A win-win because I got rid of something that I didn't want to ship and he got a good, solid bottom-end for a cheap price. Now, the 277 obviously had an issue, but this guy really loved that engine and he wanted another one for a second buggy, so go figure.
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    Re: Opinions about the Rotax 532 engines.
    I've read that the 583's are used in repowering Honda FL 350 and 400's and the 532 is the older version of that. Parts seem to be OK for now. Could always move up to the 583 if worst comes to worst.

    Have also been looking at the Rotax 503 as around 50hp would do fine for me anyway and would be less work to setup due to the lack of a coolant cooling system.
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