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    Engine for a Buggy Project
    Anybody used a Brute Force or a Prairie engine for a buggy build. I think one of these would make a great engine for a single seat buggy, just looking for anyone who may have used one and has some input on a similar build.


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    Re: Engine for a Buggy Project
    Lots of build threads about single seat mini buggy. Try to use the search function to find out what engine they are using.
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    Re: Engine for a Buggy Project
    quad motor largely comes down to what its output configuration will require you to do to get it to the spool or other final drive method you decide on in the buggy. I'm still in love with my 5-speed 400Z power, more and more people at the races are in disbelief at what its capable of when i can keep everything around it in one piece.
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