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    Duratec engine
    Hey guys I've been lurking on here and slowly planning a buggy for about a year now, when I first got the buggy bug I decided to go with a modified badlands ST4. I've gone back and fourth with power train ideas and had pretty much settled on a newer Yamaha snowmobile preferably the nytro, and I was going to use the chain case and keep reverse and then figure something out for a diff blah blah same stuff we all have to do. I got to looking and the sleds I want aren't to cheap even wrecked and diff options are expensive or home made. Well I got to talking to a friend, who will be building the same thing I do, and jokingly mentioned using a 2.0 duratec out of a Ford Focus. The Duratec is a familiar engine for me, I've used in many other projects and its in my daily driver, they are cheap and make decent power, plus we both work at Ford so keeping it in the family. So we got to researching and determined we should use a vw 012 transaxle out of a passat or Audi A4, they are also plentiful and cheap and more durable than something out of an old air cooled vw.

    So sorry for the long story I just wanted to get a little back story to go with the question. Are there any issues with any of the parts I have mentioned? I have very little buggy knowledge as I have spent most of my time in the turbo ford crowd I just want to know I'm not crazy or leading myself down a bad path, opinions wanted.
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    Re: Duratec engine
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    It might be hard to get enough reduction out of that Trans with larger tires, I looked at using one for a mid engine years ago.

    Is there an existing adapter plate between that engine and trans?
    Proud owner of a two seat pucker-mobile. Funco inspired mini buggy powered by a Busa. Giving out free rides to anyone brave enough.
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    Re: Duratec engine
    Gearing is a draw back but it should be doable with a 1.8t box I think, any links to ideal ratios for a buggy? plus I plan on driving on the street a good amount so a few higher gears wont hurt for that, there is an adapter out of Europe, its a bit pricy since he only does small batches but its not unreasonable
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    Re: Duratec engine
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    I used a Pontiac Fiero engine/trans.for my 1650 lb. buggy. The final drive gear ratio was 3.30ish:1. It worked okay but switched to a Saturn Vue 5 spd with a 4.41:1 ratio, much better. 3.30 was fine on hard trails, but doggy in sand. 5.30 to 5.80 would be great in sand in my opinion.
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    Re: Duratec engine
    I want to say the audi 012 had a 3.7 or 3.9 final drive not ideal but doable.
    I did some rough comparisons between the 012 and my daily driver Mazda 3 which is pretty peppy and I'd be fine with its gearing for a buggy with similar power and half the weight, it also uses a duratec so its kind of comparable. Basically I calculated vehicle speed with the engine at 6000rpm which is a conservative redline, for the Mazda I calculated with stock tire size and the 012 I used 28 inch tires, roughly what I plan on using, the 012 had a slower speed than the Mazda for every gear which is what I hoped for.
    I don't have any of the real numbers because they are on my work computer and I'm off tomorrow I can share numbers on Wednesday if anyone is curious
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