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    Engine weight
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    Ok, Who can tell me the weight of a GSXR 1000 engine? Or any 1k engine for that matter. I want to simulate the weight of an engine in the engine bay to order some springs


    Nowhere near the desert.
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    Re: Engine weight
    based on what I found by searching with google about 130 lbs
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    Re: Engine weight
    I recall my zx10 weighing about 180, that included all running gear (headers, throttle bodies, wiring...) and oil. No coolant or radiator at the time. That was many years ago, so my memory might not be spot on.
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    Re: Engine weight
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    You're talking about five~ten generations of engines. A K1 GSXR1K will run about 225 ready to run. A K8 is significantly lighter.
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