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    Turbo hayabusa
    I just bought a turbo hayabusa running 6lbs of boost, I started the engine this afternoon after changing the oil and after it warmed up I reved it up a couple of times then it started making a humming/whining sound like a kazoo comimg from the begi fmu and I looked at the fuel pressure guage and it had gone from 44psi to 40 psi so I shut it down and restarted it and it went back to normal until I reved it then again the pressure dropped and the kazoo noise again so I shut it off and restarted it but this time I just let it idle and it ran fine at idle so I tapped on the begi fmu with a screwdriver and it did it again. I dont know very much about these motors and have been searching the forum, has this happend to anyone on the board? What would be the best fix for this problem?
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    Re: Turbo hayabusa
    If you bought a turbo bike without knowing anything about them, you better start learning fast........ as far as fuel pressure drop when you rev it the fuel will likely drop the humming noise could be normal or it could be a torn diaphram.
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