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    Joyner to street bike motor?
    I have a 800cc Joyner and feel it is way under powered. I would like to install a 1000cc+ street bike motor in it. Can I adapt the gear box that is in it? How would I go about it? I am sure that this has been done before.
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    Re: Joyner to street bike motor?
    i dont think the gearbox would last anyways 800cc joyner is what 60-70 hp 1000cc street bike is at least 150-180 poooof
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    Re: Joyner to street bike motor?
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    The street bike tranny is part of the engine. You cant detach it. Most who have had the same issue as you(underpowered Joyner) Have gone the Turbo route. ALLOT cheaper and easier and you can retain reverse, which is almost a nesessity in a buggy of that size. Your stock motor is about 55HP and for about $600 in parts and a little work you can pump that up to 85-90 HP. There are even a few companies out there make kits to just bolt on if your not mechanically inclined. But they want a pretty penny for them. If you still want to do a swap, Try looking at car engines. Like a geo metro, small Honda or Toyota. Many have done those swaps with great results. Good luck with your project.
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    Re: Joyner to street bike motor?
    What parts can I buy to hop up the motor on my Joyner?
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