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    Stock fuel pump question, what do these go to?
    Few quick questions that should be simple to answer. I have a stock 2000 CBR 600 fuel pump to be used with a 2000 CBR 600 engine. Any idea which is the in and which is the out line on the pump? Also what is the little port black outlet on the top of the pump, does that need to be hooked up to anything, or is it a vent? If it is a vent should the pump be orientated so that tab is facing normal to the ground (upward)?

    I also got what was called the fuel line regulator shown in the picture. I assume I should use this. Should I just put this in the line after the fuel pump? Or should I just not use it all together?

    Also do I need a return line for the fuel pump to the tank, or just a straight fuel line to the engine. I would think no return line because it is the stock pump and it should have the right fuel flow already.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Stock fuel pump question, what do these go to?
    The line on the black cap is a drain as best I can figure. Although with the design of the pump, no fuel should ever be present in that area. It could be a drain for condensation. I'd face it downward.

    The "fuel line regulator" is the petcock. It screws to the bottom of the stock gas tank. It lets you switch from on to off to reserve. It goes before the pump.

    The pump is self regulated, there is no return line or additional pressure regulator.

    I'll check the in and out when I get home.
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    Re: Stock fuel pump question, what do these go to?
    Thanks for the info.

    If I am using an aftermarket spun aluminum tank, is the petcock even necessary, or could I just run a line directly to the pump?

    If you or anyone finds out what is the in/out, that would be a big help.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Stock fuel pump question, what do these go to?
    In the second picture, the inlet is the one on the bottom.

    The valve is not necessary, but nice if you need to do something with the pumps, line or filter.

    I'd also put a filter before the pump and after the pump.

    Finally I'd run some gas through the pump before you cut all the line and mount it, just to be sure the inlet/outlet info is correct. For some reson your black cap is 180 from mine.
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