A few banners for the major buggy plans vendors have been added. As we receive permission to host their banner/logo they will be activated. So for now if you see one vendor banner and not another please do not take that as a site endorsement for that particular set of plans.

Any vendor with a complete set of plans and a proven design is welcome to submit a banner.
The banners will be no larger then 200x45
Plans vendors will be limited to a single rotating line, three banners wide in the header of the forum.
Parts, tooling, turnkey cars and other fabrication related vendors will be limited to a single row under the plans vendors.
Banners will rotate through on equal basis for all.

Minnibuggy.net does not endorse any one set of plans over another.
Minibuggy.net is not affiliated with any vendor or distributor in the banner exchange.
No support or sponsorship as been asked or implied for access to the banner exchange.
Participation by the vendors in the forum is welcome and would be a great asset to the site but not a requirement.