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    Anyone have any interest in taking over MBN?
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    The time for me to move on and pass this wonderful forum on to a new owner may be upon us.
    Over the past couple of years my time and desire to continue running this forum has decreased and I'm looking for someone who will take over and continue on with the site.

    Presently I foot the bill (about $1300/year) and do no advertising nor do I charge anything for use of the site. A new owner can easily throw in advertising and such and probably cover costs.

    There are a few things that need cleaning up (admittedly beyond my limited capabilities - but I have a vBulletin Guru that I can pass on to a new owner) but other than that, the place runs pretty much on it's own w/o issues.

    My only request is that I can continue to have access to the server, as I have my old Yellow Dog Racing web site hosted in MBN's server.

    So if anyone's interested, please get in touch with me - pm me or respond here in this thread.

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    Re: Anyone have any interest in taking over MBN?
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    You did a great job taking over from Amergin (SP?) years ago. Thanks for all you have done for the mini buggy community. I hope the site does find a new master. There is so much knowledge here... Someone with with good internet instincts will pick it up.
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    Re: Anyone have any interest in taking over MBN?
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    Sad to hear, but had a feeling it was coming.

    Like Rowy said, thanks for taking it over and keeping it going this far.
    "Speed is time-time is speed"-Dennis Hopper

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    Re: Anyone have any interest in taking over MBN?
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