Anyone else getting PMs from people not on the site? Sexy Russian women looking for a date seems to be a common theme.

When I had the guy upgrade from the previous version of vBulletin he made a secondary, sort of mirror, site of the forum to test the changes. It had a directory that included /testvb/ in the hyperlink. Interestingly I was never able to access the testvb site, as it always redirected me to this forum.

Recently I starting to receive PMs from people that were joining the test version and the email system that informs me of new members was getting 30-40 new members signing up daily - 99% Russian hacker and spammers (must be how they 'controlled' the election - they were doing it all through MBN's test pages. )

Anyhow I have completely removed the testvb directory from the MBN server and all that crap should be gone now.