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    Re: Spammers Suck!
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    How about one of those maps with pins on it for members locations?

    Didn't we use to have one of those?
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    Re: Spammers Suck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdkw1 View Post
    How about one of those maps with pins on it for members locations?

    Didn't we use to have one of those?
    That would be cool.

    I don't recall having one, but there may have been.

    Looks like I need to bone up on more vBulletin stuff...

    So I'm seeing a trend. The spammers seem to come here in the middle of the week. We had almost 20 new members in the past two days and only 5 or 6 were legit.

    The Russians are the worst offenders by far. Most have some stupid web site listed in their profile and if we were to follow them, we'd all have huge boobs and dicks (that would stay up for days), all sorts of knock off jewelry and handbags (which we could hang on our huge, staying up for days dicks) and also find women online that want to come visit us (we'd be equipped - here, grab this handbag that I'm holding for you).

    I was surprised to see a spammer from Down Under also - that's a first. Gotta get Talon to go find the arsehole and beat the living snot outta the idiot.

    Also got a couple from Great Britain too, which is new, and Ireland.

    I'm not seeing the Project Honeypot offenders as much now. That was the majority of stuff a few months back. Now it's all popping up on Stop Forum Spam search engine results.

    Man, why can't they just leave us alone?
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