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    Our Powder Puff Race Report
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    Riverside, CA.
    OK lets see where to start?
    Leading up to the race it was windy hot running A/C but by the day after the race we were running the heater. Dang.
    Because it was like a mini vacation and Pepper and I had not taken one this year with work she rented an RV. Little guy but nice.
    We took Thursday night through Sunday night and enjoyed the little motor home. Very cool and awesome of her to do that. She picked it up and returned it all on her own and drove it to the race.

    OK going into the race we had two cars, of course "kitt" which Pepper and best friend Lisa would be driving in the 1300 sportsman class.
    And now new this year little sister "Lucy" that sister in law Anna and AnnMarie would be racing in class 9 and it needed to be ready and needed still a lot of work to be totally ready to race.
    After pre running the weekend before we had a week of long nights
    and changes to be made to the new 9 car. We changed the carburetor, tires, worked on wiring, brakes and many, many more small details to get her ready.
    "Kitt" was washed and waxed and was ready to go.

    OK Tech was windy and cold... long hours of waiting and Pepper came up with a good idea to help raise and donate some extra cash by selling some Pink Roses for the cause. Raising an extra $250.00 dollars and passing tech Pepper, Lisa and I headed back to eat and get to sleep for the big day.

    Later Mike, John with their wives Anna and AnnMarie arrived at tech and we
    for the first time took "Lucy" through tech. Tech was careful checking her very carefully for her first time through tech for everything includeing cotter pins, especially all the safety gear, and the inspectors made a suggestion about re locating the fuel breather line farther down the back of the car but other wise tech went perfect and off she went passing and ready for the next day of racing.

    Early morning meeting and then setting up of the pits had us up around 6am.
    Staged both "Kitt" and "Lucy" into our pits and began last minute fueling and fluids for the day.
    It was pretty cool temperatures had dropped from the higher 90's we had seen to around 50's that morning.
    Wind was dieing down but still enough breeze to help with dust.. nice.
    The race was a timed event.
    Run as many laps as you can for 3 hours and 45 minutes.

    Pepper and Lisa were in the first group to get off the starting line. They would be racing against 27 cars in their class with many of the upper classes entering their cars into the lower sportsman class it was the largest class running all day.
    It took a few minutes to get organized but once they had the race ready and organized Bang! they were off and going every 15 seconds a car was racing off down the track! Wow it was fast to see them get off the line each one so quick!
    Pepper and Lisa started about 7th off the line I believe and were off and going with no troubles out on their first lap of the day.

    Anna and AnnMarie would be starting in the class just behind Pepper and Lisa and were the first in their group.
    They got off the line and off to a good start also.
    Back at Pits it was my brother Mike, my best buddy Red, John and myself to run the pit for both cars. We also helped any other cars that needed it and worked on fellow racers cars in the pits next to us to help anyway we could if needed.

    I do not have the official times as I write this but will update it when they are out.
    Pepper and Lisa ran around a 40 to 50 minute lap time.
    Each lap was 23 miles long.
    They had to stop for Lisa to get out for a quick brake on one lap and then again for Pepper to take a quick brake on the next lap.
    They also stopped and Pepper got out to help Anna and AnnMarie get up and running again after they broke down out on the track. Very cool.
    She said she could not drive by her sister in law and leave her stuck on the track so got out and got her up and running before she took off again. Wow what an amazing woman Pepper is.

    Lisa was clear and great on the radio reporting not only how well Pepper and her were doing but also when they would see broke down cars, cars in trouble or information back to us about Anna and AnnMarie as they did not have a radio. Lisa would give us heads up just before entering pits so we would be ready with what they needed as well as when they would be pulling in and how long tell they would arrive.
    Lisa's high spirits and detail to her job as co driver is some of the best I have ever experienced in desert racing.

    Pepper drove "Kitt" at some of the fastest speeds I think she has gone and most amount of laps ever done!
    They did 6 laps this year a personal best yet.
    Plus the laps this year were the longest laps at 23 miles over lasts years only 20 mile laps and they did not get a full 4 hours they only had 3 hours and 45 minutes this year!
    Pepper and Lisa did an extra 41 miles this year over any of the other years... in past races of only 20 mile loops this would have been 2 more laps giving them 8 laps back in the day!!
    Pepper drove amazing and I am really impressed with her.
    She had very minimal damage to the car nothing that could not be expected from a normal race so her extra speed and laps did not do any extra damage to "Kitt" in fact I have all the repairs done already and just have the normal take down and prep work to do.
    One tear and bubble to a tire as can be expected in racing, a crack again in the front end which I have now added an extra bar in this area which I think is the cause of the cracking each race and a damaged skid plate. That's it! Outstanding Driving skills!
    I am impressed to say the least by the team work of these two in this years event.

    Pits went smooth in the morning but then when Anna and AnnMaries carburetor kept flooding or messing up would not allow them to make it up a hill climb near mile marker 10 Mike and John had to leave and go help them leaving pits down to Red and Myself for the rest of the day.
    I have to tell you the team work that Red and I did was, well not to brag but perfect. We worked as a team and had not only Pepper and Lisa in and out but did a driver change with Anna and AnnMarie and had them fueled, checked and in and out also!
    Kim the woman would have dehydrated without your help with giving water to all of them... thank you.

    Red, I could not have done it without you and hope you make it to ever race you are like family my brother man!
    We had tons of people from pits willing to help if needed but I have to thank friends, family, Fat Kid Motorsports and DAMZL for being willing to help out if needed, but to tell the truth we did not need it.
    Both cars had no broken parts or problems of any kind in pits they were just fueled, checked over and out they went.

    The carburetor problem with the new 9 car could not be fixed during a race as Mike tried to clean and fix it, it would run better for a bit and then brake down again.
    Twice it could not get over the hill at mile 10 and Mike and John both had to go and help them.
    Anna and AnnMarie would have to wait for help which hurt the amount of laps they could do why they would sit waiting for help the 4 hour time limit would tic away until they nearly ran out of time.
    Coming across the finish just in time on their 3rd lap to be counted they had a tough but fun day.

    The results are not up but in 1300 "Kitt" with Pepper and Lisa took
    10th place finishing in front of 17 other cars in a class of 27 total. Outstanding! I don't know what their fast lap was but they were consistent with a really good average lap time and speed all day. Serious within a minute each lap even stopping getting out and helping her sister in law.
    I will post more when results are up.

    Class 9 "Lucy" with Anna and AnnMarie finished 9th in a class of 10.
    With nothing they could do with their carburetor as these things happen they did great and when the car ran they did a 26.5 mile fast lap! Awesome! For a car not running good and a first showing with two woman who have never even driven a buggy let alone raced. You are amazing woman and you did great!

    Everyone had to leave rather soon after the race so not much after race reports.
    Mike and John need to get some work done and upgrades done to "Lucy" before Christmas as they will enter and pre test the car by racing it in the last race of this year to get ready for next year.

    "Kitt" needs some prep work and a good cleaning and tighten any loose bolts etc. and she will be ready for the Toys for Tots race.
    Pepper will be taking over as the Official Driver of Record next year in "Kitt". I will see how it goes and run with her as her co driver as best I can as I really want to but get car sick in the passenger seat so we will see if I can adjust or not.
    Toys for Tots will be my last race this season and Pepper will take over.
    I will be needed in the pits now and have to be able to work on the cars myself as my pit support of Mike and John are now gone do to them racing.
    Which is awesome for them but a great loss to us.
    I could go on but if you finished even reading all this your probably full of enough info for now.

    Great job again to all the woman who raced to help raise money and attention to the fight for breast cancer.
    Largest turn out ever as they just get bigger and bigger each year.
    Great job to all our woman and Thank you to all of our supporters, those who came out and showed support and to those behind the scenes who donated.
    Thank you to every person who contributed to us and this cause.
    Tut Cote'
    Tut Tech Racing.
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    Re: Our Powder Puff Race Report
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    Great write up, Tut. I wish all race reports were done as well as your's are. Congratulations to the racers!
    I race, therefore I am
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    Re: Our Powder Puff Race Report
    i came across a pic of ur car on race dezert
    heres a link
    Powder Puff Pictures -
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    Re: Our Powder Puff Race Report
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    Good job! Glad Pepper managed to get in a few laps - that works out to be 128 miles. Way to go.

    Susan G here I come......
    I like things that move. Pretty much limits me to cars and strippers.
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    Re: Our Powder Puff Race Report
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    Riverside, CA.
    Thanks guys and I will show my wife the pic she will be totally excited to see pics up already.
    Yummi I think its 138 miles.. 6 laps times 23 miles each.
    Plus I have to say you are awesome my wife Pepper and I so appreciate all the support everyone
    has shown especially guys like you Yummi, Cabriolet and others.
    Thank you for the support it was awesome I was so nervous at first but as Pepper cranked out
    the laps and kicked butt I went from nervous to excited it was awesome!

    I appreciate that this site is here so we were able to meet and my wife was able to get
    the support she needed also. The members here are amazing I almost can't believe how
    nice you guys are.

    Thanks again everyone.

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    Re: Our Powder Puff Race Report
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    I was just looking at all those pics and saw my other brothers orange bug also in there the 1191 pump gas brite orange bug in those pics also... totally cool.
    His team mates wife Roxanne drove and my brothers wife Lupe was passanger.

    Thanks Fl250driver!

    Oh my gosh did you see this one!

    Now thats a fun and exciting shot!
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    Re: Our Powder Puff Race Report
    i liked the color of ur bros bug
    class 11?
    or class 5?
    looks like a nice bug, love the paint
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    Re: Our Powder Puff Race Report
    Powder Puff Pictures - Page 8 -
    another one of ur car!
    similar to the one u posted but a diferent angle
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    Re: Our Powder Puff Race Report
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    Riverside, CA.
    His little bug is stock sedan class 11.
    He is doing great 2nd in points in his class with us here in CA with MORE and I think like 4th in points at Snore in Vegas so he is actually doing very well at two different organizations.
    Snore he has only done about half the races as he races full time with MORE and us.
    But he likes the different races like the Mint 400 and Veas to Reno and the Baja1000.

    Next year he will be leaveing MORE and only doing a couple races with us and going
    out and not worrying about points and doing all the races that sound fun or he has wanted
    to do. Sounds fun.

    I will head back over and take a look at the new pic thank you.

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    Re: Our Powder Puff Race Report
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    Riverside, CA.
    For any of you that still want to support or help this cause you still have time.
    I know some of you said you would help out. Here is the info on how you can still help.
    Please send a check to my wife.
    You can make the check out directly to my
    wife to help her in her costs or to Cedar Sinai.
    Or you can split it and give to both.
    Up to you.

    You can write two checks or you can write one
    check to Pepper and on it say how much you would
    like to go to her and how much you would like to
    go to Cedar Sinai.

    Its all up to you and we are just Thankful People
    like you have donated and helped support this


    Pepper Cote
    199 E Central Ave
    San Bernardino, CA. 92408

    I would like to give special thanks to K-Fab, Cabriolet, Yummi & Gene so far for their support.
    I can't say enough how great this site is, that people can become friends and support one
    another over the Internet. What amazing people are on this site and willing to help out.
    I am impressed and words escape me for showing my gratitude. Maybe one day we can
    meet up at a ride spot and my wife and I can show some kindness back to you.
    Thank You.
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