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    2 seater Panther
    I just bought the plans for the panther. But I am wanting a 2 seater. I guess I should have googled better for plan. But o well.

    Anyways any pics out there with a 2 seater? I found some threads but the pics dont work.

    Also what was all widened and how wide did you make it?

    Seems like all the bends should be the same only the middle section of the frame needs to be widend. Front end seems like it will be easy once everything is widend but the rear end seems difficult to find longer CVs. But that can come at a later date.
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    Re: 2 seater Panther
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    you can buy longer vw axles, so thats not a problem....make it wide enuff for 2 seats and some comfort, no real specific size....about time we see some new projects, these youtube videos and gasoline theory threads are getting real old...
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    Re: 2 seater Panther
    Ya the threads I was searching where from 07 and there not even completed. I don't even have the book yet. I was originaly wanting a V8 rail, but decided to wait on that. Better start small. Once I get my dang quad sold I will have the money for the engine and tube and seats to get started

    helped a friend build this. Dana 44 front, d 60 rear, front and rear tube bumper.....can't wait to start on my project.

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    Re: 2 seater Panther
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    Welcome to the site ffjosh.
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    Re: 2 seater Panther
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    Widened my Panther for two. Kept the rear distance for the carrier area the same. Kept the front between A-arms at 11". Will take some new photos and try to post up. If you just widen everything out like I did the first time, you end up with a buggy 7' wide and would not fit on my trailer. Trails arn't as wide as sand dunes. I'm 49" wide at the seats, 70" on the outside of front tires. Kinda had to rework the front of the roll cage and front shock mounts, but it looks even better than the start. Got $95 for the parts I cut off the roll cage for scrap. Cost $250 for the new tube to redo. Here an old photo of the first try.
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