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    Hand built Kawasaki 2 stroke radial engine
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    I was playing around on one of the other sites I have interest in and came across this. It's a hand built Kawasaki Sno-Pro replica with a "one of" hand built 5 cylinder radial 2 stroke engine using rare original Kawasaki Sno-Pro cylinders.

    It has nothing to do with buggys but I think it's inspiring. Things like this help me keep my mind open and help me retain some humility. The world is full of geniuses and many are just as average as the rest of us.

    If you scroll down there is a vidio of it running and a very interesting artical on the build.

    Hope you like it too, opsled

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    Re: Hand built Kawasaki 2 stroke radial engine
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    Holy smokes!!! That is a cool sounding motor. It would be interesting to see it running the slopes and trails.

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