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    Great source for buggy building supplies.
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    I bought some gauges from this place along time ago and just stumbled across their site today and they have really expanded. *The sell alot of things useable to us. *4130 tubing round and square, 4130 plate, 4130 solid, lots of different grades of aluminum for body panels etc, solid alum. and tubing, stainless stuff, alot of gauges (some of the multigauge units that would be great for a small buggy with limited dash space), plastics like lexan, and delrin, circuit breakers, wiring, connectors, battery boxes, fittings, hose, tools like welding supplies, welders (for decent prices too), carts, specialty tools, measuring devices, fiberglass and carbon fiber stuff along with resins and equipment, EVEN MOTORIZED SCOOTERS!

    check em out, they're a aircraft parts supplier. *maybe it'll help some of you with some hard to find parts.

    They have a kit to convert a buzzbox welder to weld tig too. *May be a cheaper way for those with ARC welders to get nice tig welds, weld 4130, aluminum, stainless etc. *Not sure how good those setups work but I'd bet they'd do the job. * I am sure they are scratch start but people that don't have alot of money usually have more time to get good at it. *

    Seriously browse through the store for 30 minutes to an hour, it might save you alot of time in the future.
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    Re: Great source for buggy building supplies.
    thats an awesome site...thanks
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